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Our Innovation: Home Staging Quotes ... Online in Seconds

In the modern world, price is always at the forefront. When you buy a product online or in the store, the price is clearly displayed. But what about the price of services like home staging or interior design? Our innovation has changed the way home sellers and real estate agents get home staging quotes.

We first started our home staging company over ten years ago. In the early days of our business, we worked around the clock: marketing, selling and staging homes for sale. With every prospective customer we would have a twenty minute, fact finding phone conversation to establish a home staging quote.

After several years of experience we noticed a pattern. Each conversation was essentially the same. We would ask each prospective customer the same list of questions: Where is the home located? Is the home vacant or occupied? What is the approximate list price of the home? How many rooms need to be furnished and staged for sale? What is the interior design style of the home? When will the property be ready for home staging? Each of these questions were then put into our pricing matrix and, combined with our professional experience, we were able to provide a home staging quote.

After repeating this process over and over again, we had an idea! What if we could take all of the home staging statistics collected over years of experience staging homes for sale and turn that into an algorithm? What if we could offer home sellers and real estate agents instant home staging quotes online? We went to the drawing board and that is exactly what we created. From our home staging company in Denver, Colorado we launched the real estate staging industry's first and only dynamic home staging quote tool online.


The results were incredible. We were able to offer consumers real time pricing information about home staging costs. We were able to give home staging quotes after hours while our business was otherwise closed. We were able to filter through inquiries and prioritize our call backs to real estate agents and prospective home sellers. Our lead generation grew and we saved considerable time in the process. And we were just getting started with this innovative technology.

After speaking at trade shows, home staging network and other industry events, we had several other home staging companies ask about their ability to offer their customers online staging quotes. So we went back to the drawing board and figured it out. We came up with the technology to allow consumers to find the best home staging companies and get instant online home staging quotes.


Our innovation now connects thousands of home sellers and real estate agents to the best professional home stagers around the world. We have personally staged over $2 billion in real estate for sale from our offices in Denver, Colorado and Newport Beach, California. Today, our home staging marketplace engages over $250 million in real estate each month and provides thousands of quotes for home staging services. If you are looking for a trusted home staging resource, you have come to the right place. Get a home staging quote today, online in seconds.